Hack Pack 2012

ï»؟Hack Pack 2012 Hack Pack 2012 | 1.41 GB With this updated selection you can regain access to the system, retrieve a forgotten password to a file,

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ï»؟Hack Pack 2012

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Hack Pack 2012 | 1.41 GB
With this updated selection you can regain access to the system, retrieve a forgotten password to a file, instant messenger, website, mail ... Test the strength of the local network, a network of Wi-Fi, to learn something new for themselves in terms of network design, programs, etc. A selection of useful both network administrators and ordinary users.
Bruteforce & Recovery
Advanced Archive Password Recovery Professional 4.53
Advanced EFS Data Recovery 4.0
Advanced IM Password Pecovery 4.10.297
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery
Advanced Office Password Recovery Pro 5.04.547
Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.04
Advanced RAR Password Recovery 1.53
Advanced Registry Tracer 2.11
Advanced SQL Password Recovery 1.01
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 4.0
Brutus AET2
Dialupass 3.16
Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 2.90.215
Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker 2.0.306
Elcomsoft System Recovery Pro 3.0.466
Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor 4.0.211
Facebook Password Extractor 2.0
Lightning Hash Cracker 0.60
Passware Password Recovery Professional 11.1
Password Recovery Bundle 2011 1.80
Proactive Password Auditor 2.01
Proactive System Password Recovery
Product Key Explorer
WirelessKeyView 1.36
Scanners & Sniffers
Ace Password Sniffer 1.4
Aircrack-NG 1.1
Angry IP Scanner 3.0
DFind Fast Scanner GUI 2.3
Essential NetTools 4.3.259
ExploitMyUnion 2.1
Metasploit Pro 4.1.0
Safe3 SQL Injector 8.4
SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer 2.7
SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.3.2
TamoSoft CommView 6.1.636
TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 6.0.581
TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 6.0.585 VoIP
VisualRoute 2010 Pro 14
w3af 1.0
WEP Key Recovery 1.1.27
Wireshark 1.6.5
FAQ & Book
FAQ on Open Door Phone
Google Hacking
HACK-FAQ For Beginners
Hidden Radmin 3
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset Administrator Guide
SQL Injection. Breaking ASP + MSSQL
Administration and Security Linux
Internet address
Linux Security
Wireless Security
Breaking intercoms Metakom, Cyfral, Metacom, Eltis
Exploiting Software
AP Breaking Wi-Fi with WEP Encryption
AP Breaking Wi-Fi with WPA encryption
Types of Hackers
Virtual Wifi in Windows 7
Information Security
Local Area Networks
Wireless networks
Hacking Techniques
Guide for hackers
Network Administration
List of Ports and Description
Hacking Technique - Sockets, Exploits, Shell-code
Technology network attacks
Information Security Technology
Pull-pull uchetki with ADSL-router
Administration Tools
Advanced IP Address Calculator 1.1
ApacheConf Lite 7.1
Bat To Exe Converter 1.6
CMD Tools
Dependency Walker 2.2
Engage Packet Builder 2.1
Hidden Administrator 4.1
Htpasswd Generator 4.1.1
K9 Crypt
MIPKO Employee Monitor
OllyDbg 2.0
Proxy Finder Enterprise 2.5
Proxy Hunter 1.4
PuTTY 0.60
Radmin 3.4
RemCam 2.1
Resource Hacker 3.6
Resource Tuner
SMAC 2.7 Pro
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset 9.2
Sysinternals Suite
The Dude 3.6
TrueCrypt 7.1
Vbs To Exe
WinHex 16.1
WinSCP 4.3.5
AirPcap 4.1.1
Standard codes of access to network devices
Dictionaries for over passwords
E-mail Poster
Files for the article "Hidden Radmin"
Peek Drivers
Search for files
Tamosoft CardCheck
List of Trackers
BIOS beep codes
Connect Virtual HDD
LiveCD powerful weapon pros
Microsoft Vision 2019
Military arsenal sysadmin
Hacking WPA
Reveal the SSL
Hyperactive virtuality
Compact Windows
Dealing with WPA2
Changes in this version:
1.dobavlena background music (5 tracks + player)
2.Izmeneny menu page
3.soft decomposed by Category
4.obnovlenny girls on pages
5.dobavleny descriptions for all programs from the category of "Brute force & Recovery"
6.Dobavlen software:
Brutus AET2
Dialupass 3.16
Facebook Password Extractor 2
WirelessKeyView 1.36
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery 1.9
Advanced SLQ Password Recovery 1.01
Essential NetTools 4.3
Metasploit Pro 4 Trial
and some more ...
7. Added FAQ and articles
8. Script to send mail from any address
9. Through the shell, you can connect Vhd
The procedure for treatment:
Code input / Replace File / Patch
WARNING! Some programs, keygens, patches, cracks, antivirus programs are defined as potentially dangerous software! If you are afraid - not swing!
System requirements:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Adobe Reader
Buy a Premium Account Extabit or Lumfile = High speed+parallel downloads!

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Hack Pack 2012

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