Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5 + v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X)

Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5 + v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X) Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5 + v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X) | 2.35 GB "Rosetta Stone" ("Rosetta

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افتراضي Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5 + v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X)

Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5 + v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X)

Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5   v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X) 5a143ecc1df3970ed24f

Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5 + v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X) | 2.35 GB

"Rosetta Stone" ("Rosetta Stone") - the best program for learning the language at home with a "complete zero". This technique allows you to teach you as a child began to teach their native language - no rules, by immersion, repetitive, and the formation of association of a number of different areas of life, making patterns and automatisms in principle from the simple to complex, from a practical perception of writing and rules.

This program will teach you to automatically accept and reproduce the most common colloquial grammatical constructions that are necessary for activation of your conversation and start chatting.
"Rosetta Stone" teaches English through a sequence of carefully structured lessons, called "Dynamic Immersion". New words become associated with familiar objects, actions and thoughts. Words form phrases and sentences in a systematic progression.
Studies show that learning exclusively in the language you want to learn, is essential if you want to achieve. Study alone grammar and rote memorization does not allow you to speak a new language. Dynamic Immersion helps you think in the new language and quickly develops the language skills and structures to help you communicate.

Online Demo
This program can read the online demo.
For the work will need to install flash plug-in and speech recognition services RosettaStoneLtdServices (the system will prompt).

Tell me what will happen after the vocabulary of this course?
Over 2,500 unique words - about Pre-Intermediate level of knowledge.
In English levels 1-5, for example, you use just over 2,500 unique words to develop your command of the language, and you'll encounter each of those words repeatedly in multiple contexts and activities.

Level 1 - Unit 1 (Language Basics)
Level 1 - Unit 2 (Greetings and Introductions)
Level 1 - Unit 3 (Work and School)
Level 1 - Unit 4 (Shopping)
Level 2 - Unit 1 (Travel)
Level 2 - Unit 2 (Past and Future)
Level 2 - Unit 3 (Friends and Social Life)
Level 2 - Unit 4 (Dining and Vacation)
Level 3 - Unit 1 (Home and Health)
Level 3 - Unit 2 (Life and World)
Level 3 - Unit 3 (Everyday Things)
Level 3 - Unit 4 (Places and Events)
Level 4 - Unit 1 (Tourism and Recreation)
Level 4 - Unit 2 (Professions and Hobbies)
Level 4 - Unit 3 (At Home and Around Town)
Level 4 - Unit 4 (Style and Personal Wellness)
Level 5 - Unit 1 (Business and Industry)
Level 5 - Unit 2 (Art and Academics)
Level 5 - Unit 3 (Emergency Situations)
Level 5 - Unit 4 (Family and Community)

System requirements:
- Windows 2000 or later
- Mac OS 10.4 or later
- 512 MB RAM
- 1 GHz or faster processor speed
- 600 MB free hard-drive space (per level)
- 16-bit sound card
- 800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)
- Speech recognition feature requires a USB headset microphone (included with purchase)

Differences from other distributions:
1. There is a crack the shell.
2. All levels of English (American) Version 3 the latest version:
Level 1 - v.
Level 2 - v.
Level 3 - v.
Level 4 - v.
Level 5 - v.
Three. There is a dmg file to be installed in mac os

Installation instructions:
1. Set if not already on your computer, any program that allows you to mount disk images - Daemon Tools , Alcohol 120%, etc. Add a virtual drive and reboot. (On request. It is important that when installing the Rosetta Stone was already in the system CD-ROM drive, which you will use (physical or virtual).)
2. Run as root Rosetta Stone Version 3.4.7 (Windows). Exe - install but not run the program to remove this mark the end of the installation. (For those who have an error during installation - to look at your computer vindovsky firewall was enabled. I have Windows 7, and I use Outpost firewall instead of the built-in firewall vindosovskogo, who was off - and so, in this state program is not installed - an error. To install you will need to include all the same vindosovsky firewall after installation, you can disable it.)
3. After installation, you must replace the file "RosettaStoneVersion3.exe" in the directory "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Rosetta Stone \ Rosetta Stone Version 3" on file with the same name in the folder "Crack".
4. Run the installed program, will not climb and immediately exit from it. (The registry propishutsya way.)
Five. Run the crack rosetta.stone.3.rus.installer.exe. (On request. You can always remove this run unins000.exe file in the program folder. If you do not need step 4 and step 5 is skipped.)
6. Reboot the computer. (Without restarting the program does not see the drives with the languages.)
7. Run the program. (From the Start menu.)
Eight. Mount the disk image of the desired skill level of the folder "Lang" with Daemon Tools or any other emulator or write to the discs in the tray and insert the CD-drive.
9. Adding a level of Rosetta Stone. (From the menu, find the Rosetta team, "Installation and removal of levels," and then "Add language level.") (If the installation of two-level system crashes and blue screen do so .)
10. After all five levels click on "continue", select "do not check for updates" on the post that RS is not registered responding "never"
11. Enter the new user name and specify the type of voice. Choose a course. (Standard - the most optimal for the study. You can always change: on the page, select the user that the program start at the bottom is a button "Launch Rosetta Stone Homeschool", will continue button "Add / Edit Course", where you can change the current level.) .
12. Click "Start". When you start to block network access is not necessary, and then the program will not determine the microphone. (Enable it in your outgoing firewall on port 55566 over TCP. Internet is not needed.) Enjoying a headband.
13. To install the updates, exit the program and copy the folder "Updates" (with attachments) to the folder "C: \ ProgramData \ Rosetta Stone"-for Windows 7 and Vista or "C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Rosetta Stone "- for XP. (These folders are hidden and not visible by default. They also find the file where you saved tracking.db3 your profile and progress, you can throw on another computer and continue the pass levels. If the language what that level is not set, the corresponding update for it to install no necessary . If item 9 changed the installation path of language levels and found them somewhere in my folder, folder "Updates" put next to it.)
14. Restart the program. (We observe the process of updating.)
15. Enjoy.
Installation on MacOS :
A. Must first establish itself in the file wrapper program "Rosetta Stone Version 3.4.5 (Mac OS X). Dmg".
Two. After installation, you must replace the file "mdm.dat" in the directory "/ Applications / Rosetta Stone Version" on file with the same name in the folder "crack". We must right-click on the name of the Applications / Rosetta Stone Version and choose "Show Package Contents" and that's after you get to the location of the file "mdm.dat"
Three. With the help of Toast (program to mount the disk image) assemble and install the language levels.
4. Put the update . Copy the folder "Updates" in the "/ Library / Application Support / Rosetta Stone Version 3" and restart the program.
I wish you a productive learning. And yet - is a program with a copyright producer, so I put it to you for reference only. If you want to become the owner of the program, you will need to buy it. In the meantime, you can fully enjoy and explore the program. All rights belong to owners.

Guidelines for working with Rosetta Stone:
To translate unknown words put a decent electronic dictionary, for example, Lingvo http :/ / T = 107 539. There's everything you need - pronunciation, word forms in all possible times, many additional values, examples of the application, plus examples in English dictionaries. Grammar there too, if you search the desired transfer time. In add Lingvo Longman Pronunciation Dictionary . There you can listen to the pronunciation of the word in the american and British versions, and see the transcription. It is also necessary to study grammar. For example in Komissarov K. - English grammar with a human face , Grammar Is Easy! \ A Brief Grammar of the English language , L.Kutuzov - Practical English Grammar , etc.

Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5   v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X) 46a33d1b5de8f93dc042

Mirror :

Mirror2 :


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Rosetta Stone English (American) v.3.4.5 + v.3.4.7 (Win/MacOS X)

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