DC Universe 52 June 2012

DC Universe 52 June 2012 Information: DC Universe 52 June 2012 English | CBR | Comics Collection | All In One | 1.05 GB Genre: Comic These are all the

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DC Universe 52 June 2012
DC Universe 52 June 2012 dc_universe_zero_800
DC Universe 52 June 2012
English | CBR | Comics Collection | All In One | 1.05 GB
Genre: Comic
These are all the releases for the DC Universe, including mini's and one-shots, for the month of June 2012. This does not include any of the Vertigo, game books, or Kids line of books. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me and I will help where I can.
***Week 41***
Action Comics #10 (CBZ 6/6/2012)
CLARK KENT is DEAD! The three-part ACTION COMICS summer event storyline begins here! New villain NIMROD THE HUNTER is on SUPERMAN'S trail! He's killed every living thing he's ever tracked - but he's never killed an ALIEN! This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.
Animal Man #10 (CBZ 6/6/2012)
'EXTINCTION IS FOREVER' part two! Guest-starring JOHN CONSTANTINE and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. BUDDY BAKER seeks the help of THE TOTEMS to return to his family.
Batwing #10 (CBR 6/6/2012)
BATWING fights pirates known as THE JACKALS as they attempt to smuggle a mysterious cargo. BATMAN'S investigation leads him to China to face an unexpected member of his ROGUES GALLERY! Guest-starring BATMAN!
Before Watchmen Minutemen #1 (of 6) (CBR 6/6/2012)
'Little did we know that poor boy would lead to the end of us all.' Plus: Don't miss the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup story by writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS! This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.
Detective Comics #10 (CBR 6/6/2012)
BATMAN must defend WAYNE ENTERPRISES from espionage and himself from the menace of HYPNOTIC! The latest chapter in the TWO-FACE backup story! This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.
Dial H #2 (CBR 6/6/2012)
Part two of the five-part opening story! أ¯ As our hero learns to use the H DIAL, he begins to suspect there is something sinister at work.
Earth 2 #2 (CBR 6/6/2012)
MR. TERRIFIC - Michael Holt - lands on EARTH TWO! Don't miss the origin of the Earth Two FLASH - and the first time he uses his powers! What could be a bigger threat to Earth Two than APOKOLIPS? Jay Garrick is about to find out!
GI Combat #2 (CBR 6/6/2012)
In 'THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT,' contemporary soldiers must battle pterodactyls and a tyrannosaurus rex as they struggle to understand where - or when - they are! THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER becomes a human guinea pig in hopes that the experiments will grant him super powers.
Green Arrow #10 (CBR 6/6/2012)
A stand-alone issue in which OLIVER QUEEN confronts the villain DOCTOR COGNATE and must face some difficult questions about what it truly means to be human. Plus: GREEN ARROW VS. a ton of KILLER ROBOTS!
Justice League International #10 (CBR 6/6/2012)
'BREAKDOWN,' picking up where last month's FIRESTORM #9 left off. The JLI team - BOOSTER GOLD, AUGUST GENERAL IN IRON, GODIVA, GUY GARDNER, BATWING, O.M.A.C. and FIREHAWK - face off against THE BURNERS, who want to create anarchy by any means necessary!
Night Force #4 (of 7) (CBR 6/6/2012)
Don't miss this turning point in the epic miniseries! THE BARON time-travels straight into a trap! The final fate of DONOVAN CAINE revealed! o NIGHT FORCE now will run seven issues!
Red Lanterns #10 (CBR 6/6/2012)
Welcome new artist MIGUEL SEPULVEDA أ¯ Continued from last month's STORMWATCH #9! BLEEZ and the rest of the surviving RED LANTERNS head for ZAMARON to confront the STAR SAPPHIRES about their role in the poisoning of the RED POWER LANTERN.
Stormwatch #10 (CBR 6/6/2012)
Welcoming the art team of IGNACIO CALERO and SEAN PARSONS as a new epic begins! HARRY TANNER returns to take on STORMWATCH! More secrets of the team's past are revealed!
Swamp Thing #10 (CBR 6/6/2012)
The deadly return of ANTON ARCANE! This is the beginning of a new chapter in the SWAMP THING saga and a perfect time to start reading!
Worlds Finest #2 (CBR 6/6/2012)
HUNTRESS and POWER GIRL versus THE IRRADIATED MAN! Learn what our heroes have been doing since they arrived here five years ago from Earth Two!
***Week 42***
Batgirl #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
The beginning of the three-part KNIGHTFALL, and the introduction of a villain destined to become Barbara's greatest and most dangerous foe. An innocent woman who was sentenced to life in ARKHAM ASYLUM, Knightfall is now free and more dangerous than the psychotics she was imprisoned with. Her bloody quest for revenge will be unlike anything Batgirl has ever seen.
Batman #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
BATMAN takes the fight to THE COURT OF OWLS! Discover the evil mastermind behind THE COURT. Plus: The 'Fall of the House of Wayne' backup by SCOTT SNYDER, JAMES TYNION IV and RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE.
Batman And Robin #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
Someone calls a meeting of the ROBINS, but who and why? And will the exiled and egotistical RED HOOD answer the call? RED ROBIN learns of DAMIAN'S betrayal - but how long will the youngest ROBIN'S lack of discipline stand? Many of Gotham City's villains blame BATMAN for their downfall, but what happens when they stand together in a pact to bring the DARK KNIGHT down?
Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #1 (of 4) (CBR 6/12/2012)
'Oh sweetie, you're too young to hate. Wait until you're older and the world gives you a good reason. Trust me, it won't let you down.' Plus: Don't miss the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup story by writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS!
Deathstroke #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
'THE HUNT FOR LOBO' from new writer/artist ROB LIEFELD!
Demon Knights #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
Part two of 'ASSAULT ON AVALON!' While searching for MERLIN, our heroes find KING ARTHUR: both of him!
Frankenstein Agent Of Shade #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
Welcome aboard new writer MATT KINDT! 'SATAN'S RING' begins here! FRANKENSTEIN and THE CREATURE COMMANDOS must investigate suspected double-agents in SHADE field offices. Their first stop is the UNTROPOLIS - an exact copy of Metropolis that floats upside down in the 4TH CLOUD above Superman's home town.
Green Lantern #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
As 'THE SECRET OF THE INDIGO TRIBE' races toward its conclusion, all is revealed about the INDIGO LANTERNS! Leads into next issue's shocking turn of events that can't be missed!
Grifter #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
GRIFTER faces off against the DAEMONITES alongside DEATHBLOW and CHESHIRE!
Legion Lost #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
The LEGION LOST team must decide which fate is worse: staying and dying in the present or returning to a future that may be totally different from the one they left behind! Accused of being terrorists, the LOST LEGIONNAIRES are hunted by the new METAMERICAN and his META-MARINES!
Ravagers #2 (CBR 6/12/2012)
Starring FAIRCHILD, THUNDER, LIGHTNING, RIDGE, BEAST BOY and TERRA! Trying to hide in the 'real world' while on the run from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and its agents proves difficult for teen metas who stand out in a crowd! If they're going to survive, these young heroes had better be ready to fight!
Resurrection Man #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
The battle between good and evil for RESURRECTION MAN'S soul...and if either side wins, Mitch Shelly loses! Where is the TRANSHUMAN?
Shade #9 (of 12) (CBR 6/12/2012)
The final chapter of this amazing epic begins here, with fantastic art by FRAZER IRVING (BATMAN AND ROBIN, XOMBI)! THE SHADE returns to his hometown, London, to get to the bottom of the mystery of who tried to kill him!
Suicide Squad #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
It's SUICIDE SQUAD vs. SUICIDE SQUAD, as BASILISK raises the stakes! More on the traitor disguised as a member of the team.
Superboy #10 (CBR 6/12/2012)
WONDER GIRL, SOLSTICE, RED ROBIN, KID FLASH and BUNKER all guest-star in a story that connects to this month's TEEN TITANS #10. Don't miss SUPERBOY and WONDER GIRL in an ancient world - with no adult supervision!
***Week 43***
Batwoman #10 (CBZ 6-20-2012)
Ambushed by KILLER CROC! The penultimate chapter of 'TO DROWN THE WORLD' reveals the true nature of the villain BATWOMAN has been searching for all this time!
Before Watchmen Comedian #1 (of 6) (CBR 6-20-2012)
'I'm a funny guy...' Plus: Don't miss the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup story by writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS!
Birds Of Prey #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
THE BIRDS bring a gravely injured POISON IVY to the Amazon hoping to help rejuvenate her, but they're going to need her help more to stay alive! Welcome to the jungle indeed! BLACK CANARY discovers something amazing about her powers!
Blue Beetle #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
BLUE BEETLE is on the run from the D.E.O.! Seems this whole 'living by himself in New York City' idea wasn't JAIME'S best. Guest-starring MISTER BONES
Captain Atom #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
How will CAPTAIN ATOM survive his journey through time? Who is CHRONA MOTA?
Catwoman #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
Meet DOLLHOUSE - a psychotic who kidnaps children from the streets of Gotham City. She's about to awaken a rage in CATWOMAN that nobody knew existed-not even Catwoman! CATWOMAN'S partnership with SPARK continues - on a whole new level!
DC Universe Presents #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
In part two of this three-part tale, KASS works with her father - convicted serial killer VANDAL SAVAGE - to catch a killer before it's too late! Is there any way to solve the case without setting Vandal Savage free?
Green Lantern Corps #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
'ALPHA WAR' part two! أ¯ JOHN STEWART is on trial for murdering his fellow GREEN LANTERN - but does GUY GARDNER think he's guilty? Plus, more of the GUARDIANS' secret plans to amass a new army!
Legion Of Super Heroes #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
STAR BOY takes a ragtag team on a suicide mission into DOMINATOR space to rescue BRAINIAC 5! Meanwhile, COSMIC BOY searches for evidence in the DOMINATOR embassy in METROPOLIS!
Nightwing #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
Part one of "The Republic of Tomorrow, Today." Nightwing begins investigating a double murder in Old Gotham that happens to feature part of his costume as evidence. Introducing the Republic of Tomorrow and their leader, Paragon.
Red Hood And The Outlaws #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
RED HOOD learns that STARFIRE is one of the most respected and feared commanders in all of space! Who knew? Princess Koriand'r homeworld of TAMARAN is in danger - and she must defend a world that once turned its back on her! Plus: The start of a 6-part backup series starring ESSENCE!
Supergirl #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
SUPERGIRL trapped in the nightmarish spirit world of the BLACK BANSHEE! What happens when a KRYPTONIAIN loses control of his or her powers? MASSIVE DESTRUCTION!
Wonder Woman #10 (CBR 6-20-2012)
WONDER WOMAN has been shot through the heart! It's up to LENNOX to pull his half-sister out of HELL! One of DIANA'S closest companions is not to be trusted!
***Week 44***
All Star Western #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
Part one of a story exposing the beginning of a battle for GOTHAM CITY between THE COURT OF OWLS and THE CRIME BIBLE! TALLULAH BLACK is back! Plus an all-new BAT LASH with art by comics legend JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ!
Aquaman #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
'THE OTHERS' part four! The Others are reunited when the hero called VOSTOK-X arrives on Earth. MERA learns more about Arthur's violent past from SHIN.
Batman Incorporated #2 (CBR 6/27/2012)
This is the story of a man and a woman fighting over the heart and soul of their child. Unfortunately for the world, the man is BATMAN, the woman is TALIA AL GHUL, and the child is DAMIAN.
Batman The Dark Knight #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
Welcome new series writer GREGG HURWITZ! Kicking off a major story pitting BATMAN against the most deadly version of the SCARECROW he's ever seen! This isn't about fear-it's about TERROR!
Before Watchmen Nite Owl #1 (of 4) (CBR 6/27/2012)
'The hero known to the public only as Nite Owl announced his retirement today.' Plus: Don't miss the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup story by writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS!
Flash #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
THE FLASH vs. THE WEATHER WIZARD! The Flash may survive-but will BARRY ALLEN?
Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
RONNIE and POZHAR face off against INDIA'S officially sanctioned FIRESTORM, RAKSHASA! أ¯ JASON RUSCH begins to develop strange new abilities related to the Firestorms' mysterious connection to the chaotic Quantum Field.
Green Lantern New Guardians #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
Part two of 'THE FALL OF THE BLUE LANTERNS'! The NEW GUARDIANS reunite! Why is every CORPS coming apart at the seams? One word: LARFLEEZE!
I Vampire #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
As the vampires continue their journey across the country to their homeland they encounter an ancient enemy! Introducing THE ORDER OF THE VAN HELSINGS!
Justice League #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
'THE VILLAIN'S JOURNEY' part two! The identity of the Justice League's newest and deadliest foe is revealed! Part four of the debut of SHAZAM!
Justice League Dark #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
Featuring John Constantine , Zatanna , Deadman, Andrew Benet, Madame Xanadu, Black Orchid and Dr. Mist! In part two of JEFF LEMIRE'S first story the team sets up shop in their new HQ, the HOUSE OF MYSTERY - but first, they'll have to survive an attack by THE DEMONS THREE!
Savage Hawkman #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
It's fight night as HAWKMAN enters a GLADIATORIAL DEATHMATCH against three ultra-villains for the life of his friend Emma! Get your popcorn because the first scene in this issue just might be the best battle you see all year!
Superman #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
SUPERMAN'S new foe - the one that can't be touched - has found a way hurt both The Man of Steel AND Clark Kent!
Teen Titans #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
THE TEEN TITANS in an inner-world! What did SOLSTICE learn from the LEGION LOST team during THE CULLING? Hint: It has to do with the mystery surrounding KID FLASH'S origin! BUNKER confronts RED ROBIN about the missing SKITTER! DINOSAURS - and a new threat!
Voodoo #10 (CBR 6/27/2012)
'DEAD CITY' begins as PRIS and the BLACK RAZORS pursue VOODOO into outer space! Is the Dead City really dead? If so, how do you explain the mutated DAEMONITES attacking from every direction?
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