CloudBerry Online Backup Desktop S3 v2.9.0.75

CloudBerry Online Backup Desktop S3 v2.9.0.75 Information: CloudBerry Online Backup Desktop S3 v2.9.0.75 | 11.8 MB CloudBerry Online Backup - a program to automate the backup and restore data

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CloudBerry Online Backup Desktop S3 v2.9.0.75

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CloudBerry Online Backup Desktop S3 v2.9.0.75 | 11.8 MB
CloudBerry Online Backup - a program to automate the Backup and restore data to the database you are using tehnologiy.Esli cloud storage service for Amazon S3, you're probably faced with CloudBerry Explorer, a program for managing your S3 data. The team now CloudBerry Lab has made the next step and released a new product called CloudBerry Online Backup and, not surprisingly, works as a Desktop client for Amazon S3.
Even if you're worried about storing their data "in the cloud" ("in the cloud") with some new companies, in the case S3 is highly unlikely that Amazon could disappear somewhere in the near future.
Currently only works CloudBerry Backup for Windows and, of course, require Amazon S3 account.
Set CloudBerry Backup is very easy. Once you install the program, you will see a welcome screen (welcome screen).
The buttons on the screen help you quickly configure Backup and restore data. In addition, for convenience, CloudBerry Backup backup offers plans (where you say that CloudBerry copy and when) is set for My Pictures, My Documents and My Internet Bookmarks. For example, you can copy the pictures once a week, as they rarely change, but the documents that you are always working, every day.
When you first install the program, you will need to ask your Amazon account.
Installation of Backup:
Install Backup is simple enough. CloudBerry Backup Assistant to use the system wizard, which guides you step by step.
The first step - a tree, where you can select which directories you want to copy.
You can then choose to either copy all the files, or only a certain type (or exclude certain types).
The next step is like people who are serious about security. You can select options for compression and encryption of your files at boot time. There are many different options for encoding and there are too many to list here, suffice it to say that many of them. Compression substantially reduces the cost of transmitting and storing data.
You also have the ability to delete files. You can delete older versions of files or a certain number of days to leave only the last NN versions of a file.
Finally, of course you can choose the schedule that will be used to run backup.
Running up:
During the copy process, you can monitor progress, and when all is completed, you can check the history for all the Backup plans, and for each plan separately.
It is worth noting that when you run a Backup plan, only the changed files are copied.
Recovery is also controlled by an assistant wizard. You can return the latest version of the file or return to the version of the file at a time (great feature), or, of course, you can select it manually.
Key features:
-Easy to install and configure
-The ability to set up multiple schedules
Data encryption
Data compression (very important, because Cloud storage users pay for bandwidth and storage, and data compression significantly reduces these costs)
Support for versioning of data
-Removal of obsolete data
-Notification of the results of making a copy
-Opportunities for data recovery
And software interface for integration with other products and OEM
-Support for multiple cloud storage
What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that all of your company's critical data was lostSure, you may have a disaster recovery plan, but in the back of your mind, you know you really don't ever want to test it in a real-world scenario. What if you could leverage the awesome power of Amazon S3 cloud storage to ensure the integrity of your data backupYou can, with today's discounted software promotion, CloudBerry Online Backup!
CloudBerry Online Backup is a simple, reliable, and powerful Backup and restore application that leverages Amazon S3 storage to safeguard your critical data! With CloudBerry Online Backup, not only will you enjoy user-friendly Backup and restore wizards, you'll also benefit from strong data encryption that blocks unauthorized access to your confidential information.
Have you ever slacked off in your Backup duties, only to have to pay for it laterCloudBerry Online Backup automates the Backup process, requiring you only to set up a schedule and designate the files and folders you want to backup. Plus, when you need to recover your data, it's available to you at all times. You can even access your files using other Amazon S3 tools!
-Keep your backups in remote location
-Access your backups anywehere where you have internet connection
-Strong data encryption protects your data from unauthorized access
-Data compression reduces the size of your backups
-No proprietary storage format. You can access your files using other cloud storage tools.


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CloudBerry Online Backup Desktop S3 v2.9.0.75


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