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, Rarely have their own space, the total thought of colorful. Suddenly felt very tired, not going anywhere, just want a quiet stay, a movie, a cup of coffee, the

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, Rarely have their own space, the total thought of colorful. Suddenly felt very tired, not going anywhere, just want a quiet stay, a movie, a cup of coffee, the genial warmth of the afternoon sun, this quiet and elegant life is one of my childhood dreams.

up to 50 sets of large-scale historical drama a drama, the director of the Secret History series Xiaogang works fine gorgeous, famous, in circles can be described as unique Chinese TV moment get enough.

Wu has been familiar with the legendary youth. Her resourcefulness, determination of her rage, her flirtatious Hu Mei became the talk of people to dinner, talked about for the future generations.

thousands of years in a woman has been taught to obey the country where the Empress Wu With the unprecedented success of personal struggle and magnificent Empress big week of the empire. Her excellent political skills, her superior courage, the courage of her grand, no does not mean that the Asian women's infinite wisdom. In her era, nothing is impossible, nothing can not be rewritten, she single-handedly broke the conventions of feudal centuries old customs, a woman can prove that the country Ampang. In a male dominated society, her own life, a woman has written a success story, she told later how women lived, and how to realize their life values.

Some people say: a key to prosperity of the country or the country woman, a woman's level of education not only determines the fate of the individual, to a certain extent, also affect social change. So the British policy of using force to carry out in the end of compulsory education for women. Developed capitalist countries have also introduced the corresponding system to achieve gender equality in education. The obvious shortcomings of China's education, can not achieve real gender equality in education, in recent years, with the increasing pace of reform and opening up, first up the rich people are scrambling to send their young children receive quality education in the Anglo-American , set off a wave of a Unit of the immigrant students. Poor son to school is difficult, let alone a daughter. Chinese women from the general level of education is generally low, which is determined by the current national conditions, require a long transitional period.

anxious confusion comes in 80 girls, life is entering a period of relatively arduous pioneering, and slowly a long way when is the end? People choose to adhere to bare marriage goes back, like an early choice to succeed the way to a shortcut to luxury cars. Everyone indifferent walk the debauchery in the city, make their own yearning for life. But the loss of freedom of self-talk about the life of happiness? Dependent on others bent forward, over time the loss of morale, loss of ability to survive and also lost the ability to love, lost the capacity to love also how to ask others to love you? Completely to life in the family to spend the trivial material in rice oil, salt, tend to become narrow-minded thinking behind, and derail the world, how to cope with the ever-changing things. Therefore, any time a woman should be confident self-reliance, no one can pay you a lifetime of living. Men are visual animals, perhaps when the love is strong when a man can a daughter Zheng, relaxation may be the occasion of useless love it?

intensified the pressure of contemporary life, how to balance career, marriage, family relations? Test of competence in all aspects of a woman. Practice has proved that women can have a brilliant career, happy family and lovely children. Many women have used their wisdom to achieve perfection, the reality of them the example of so many fresh, is worthy of inspirational, learning.

21 century, a woman should walk in front of men, not with the men behind.

If you do not believe, then look back, years before, that is called Empress Wu's extraordinary woman.

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