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          1. Sanmiiing Household Wares Co.,Ltd
            Welcome to Sanmiiing Household Wares Co.,Ltd
            About Us
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            The original Zhejiang Huadu Household Wares Co., Ltd. has changed its name to Sanmiiing Household Wares Co., Ltd. The brand of "Sanmiiing" presents a core definition combined with eautiful vision, beautiful heart, beautiful living and conveys in public a happy vision of family life.

                A brand new start

                Let the past be the past, let the future be more firm.

                Everything goes to a fresh new start, yet the values will be stacked.

                Embrace the era of change, face a more challenging demand.

                At this changing point, we decide to let go of the past, but start again facing a more challenging future.

            Our company is founded in 1989. We have been committed to the research and development of plastic household products: Along with its innovation, manufacturing, sales, and import - export trade. Our company covers an area of about 25,000 square meters. Meanwhile it has a complete and scientific management system; it has passed the national QS certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. The company mainly manufactures plastic household necessities, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, etc.; the existing varieties of more than 1000. And sales are throughout the domestic and overseas markets. For instance, the domestic market partnership includes Carrefour, RT-mart, Walmart and other large chain enterprises and local well-known supermarket chains. Sales network is extended to various provinces and cities nationwide the international market partnership includes WAL-MART, Daiso, MIGROS (Switzerland), etc. Products are exported to markets including Europe, United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and other countries.

            Sincerity, is the foundation of our company growth; and wings that can help our company to develop. The company has been adhering to the integrity of administration and management. Based on this, we hope to establish a good image in this market. We will also continue to uphold the integrity of the business philosophy, strengthen quality control, innovation and optimization of products. We will consistently strive for excellence and bring more high quality products to consumers. Through our efforts, we are dedicated to believe and become the leading brand of this industry and continue moving forward!

            Our Products: hanger series, hanger series, Microwave Food Container Series, Ditchen Supplies Series, Scratcher Corkscrew Peeler Series, Cup Series, Pot Barrel Stool Series, Ash Bin, Bathroom Series, Floor Cabinet Series
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            TEL: 0086-576-84190898, 84195899(內銷部); 84195322(禮品部); 84195323(外貿部) FAX:0086-576-84190897 E-mail: sales@sanmiiing.com
            Copyright©2003-2012 Sanmiiing Household Wares Co.,Ltd Designed by Haibo Network Inc.
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